Hoshinitenotodokuoka Camping Ground

Cost per nightAdults - ¥800
Elementary School Kids - ¥400
Dog - ¥200

Bungalows: ¥5000 - ¥8000
Opening Hours13:00 - 17:00 : Check in
6:00 - 11: 00 : Check out
Administrative building 7:30 - 20:00
Restaurant (mutton) 11:00 - 17:00
Shower 18:00 - 19:30
Deck opening from 18:00 - 19:30
OpenApril 27th - October 9th
Notes20 Campsites
6 bungalows
Parking available
Bathroom & Shower on site
All camp gear available for rental
Wood available
Dogs allowed
Location /
Getting There
25 minute drive from Furano station
〒071-0711 Hokkaido, Sorachi District, Nakafurano, Nakafurano Beberui

Plenty of space

This large campground located in the gorgeous mountains of Furano is a fantastic spot to camp! Hoshinitenotodokuoka Camping Ground has everything you need, whether you are camping with the bare minimum, caravaning, or staying at one of the cozy bungalows on site. The grass fields on which to camp are well kept, with small stone fire pits at each site for use. Upon arriving, (parking is ¥200 per vehicle), choose your site and then pay at the main building on the grounds. The staff here are extremely friendly and happy to help with anything you require.

Bungalows at the back

At this large administration building, the office will all have camping gear to buy and for hire, such as tents, tarps, gas burners, lights, sleeping bags ( detailed price list is at the end of this article). There are twenty campsites to choose from, and six large log bungalows that are available to stay at. Reservations can be made via phone or by email. If the reservation of a bungalow is cancelled within seven days, the full price must be payed. After setting up your tent, or settling into your cabin, sit down relax and enjoy the peace and stunning sunset and night views.

4 person bungalow
with terrace
¥8000 per night. 4 single beds
4 person bungalow
with loft
¥7000 per night. 4 single beds.
4 person bungalow
with loft
¥6500 per night. 1 Bunk bed & 2 futon beds.
4 person bungalow¥6000 per night. 2 bunk beds.
2 person bungalow
with deck
¥5000 per night. 2 single beds + futon set
NotesNo pets allowed inside.
Shower & toilet not included.
Bungalows have lighting and heating
Kerosene is available ¥500
Cooking on BBQ out front only

Stunning sunsets

Hoshinitenotodokuoka Camping Ground is located high in the hills, outside of the center of Furano. It is peaceful and quiet, and is famous for its beautiful sunsets, and more so for its spectacular 360 degree views of the starry skies! Those who enjoy photography, bring a tripod! There is no electricity on site, though large crates of firewood are for sale at ¥500. Rules require no fireworks, large parties or loud music after 21:00. In the morning you may be greeted by some woolly guests. The campsite has some sheep on site and come to graze in the morning (popular with the campers).

Near the camp ground

On the grounds of the campsite there is a rabbit hut, which is also popular with the kids. For ¥100, you can buy some food and feed them all (there are about 30 of the little animals). Apart from the rabbit hutch, there is jingisukan (mutton) restaurant that is open for lunch and an early dinner. So, what else is there to do around the Furano area? During the summer months, Furano is alive with flowers. Near the campsite there is also a river, which is only a 10 minute drive away. This river has rainbow trout and salmon so it’s a great fishing spot! It’s also great for swimming. And lastly, there is the “Fukiage Hot Spring Outdoor Bath”, which is about a 30 minutes drive from the campground. A popular natural mixed onsen, where you can wear swimwear if need be.

Tent 4 - 6 people¥1800
Tent 2 - 3 people¥1500
Tent 1 person¥1000
Lantern¥700 / ¥300
Futon (for bungalows)¥500
Kerosene stove
Charcoal grilling stove
Dinnerware set¥400
Sleeping bag ¥300 / ¥100
Table ¥300
Water tank¥200
Cutting board¥200
Mosquito coils¥100