Morappu Campsite (Lake Shikotsu)

Lake Shikotsuko Camping

AdmissionOvernight -
Adults - ¥800
Elementary School Kids - ¥500
Infants over 4 yrs - ¥300
Infants under 4 yrs - free

*Just for the day it is ¥200 cheaper
Opening HoursAdministration : 9:00 - 17:00
Closed"Early" October - April 27th (Winter)*
ContactPH : 0123-25-2201
FAX : 0123-25-2202
NotesCar needed
Free parking available
Toilets & amenities on site
Camping gear NOT available to rent
BBQ equipment available to rent
Wheelchair access

*Closing date changes yearly. Date is NOT decided until just before end of season.
Location /
Getting There
Lake Shikotsu (Shikotsu-ko)

Take route 453 from Sapporo - turn right onto route 276.
Take route 16 from Chitose and turn onto route 453.


Lake Shikotsuko Camping

Hows the serenity

Morappu Campsite is located on the southern shores of Lake Shikotsu, which makes it a serene place to camp out under the stars and next to clear, calm waters. Getting to the campsite, you will need transport. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Sapporo and about an hour from Chitose by car. Simply get onto to route 453. Follow this road until you get to route 276. Turn right onto route 276 and follow this road for about 10 minutes,  the campsite entrance is on the right. The entrance is on a a bend and can be missed so keep an eye out for the signs.

Lake Shikotsuko Camping

Lots to do on the lake

There is plenty of space to camp along the shores though its best to get there early, especially in the peak season (mid August). Upon entering the site, there will be an administration building where you will need to pay to enter. If the building is closed you can still go in and pay the next day. There is parking for up to 150 cars.  Once in, there are carts to help you move your gear to the lake shore.

The campsite is along the shore of pebbles of the lake, so something comfortable to sleep on, is advised. Extra equipment is NOT available to rent, ONLY basic BBQ equipment such as grill and coal. All other equipment must be supplied by yourself. Other facilities include toilets that are well kept, a restaurant during the day, vending machines, and the rental shop. 

Lake Shikotsuko Camping

Choose your swan!

The deep waters are crystal clear and stay at a cold temperature all year round, perfect for cooling off in the summer. The waters are also popular for fishing, canoeing and paddle boarding. There are boats and swan paddle boats available to rent. To rent a boat it cost ¥1000 per hour, and fits up to 2 people. To rent swan paddle boats for 3 people, it costs ¥1500 for 30 minutes, and for 4 people it’s ¥2000 for 30 minutes. The lake is 78 square km so there is a lot space to roam!

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