Hyakuninhama Auto Camping Ground

Cost per night¥5,330 Bungalow (1 building for 4 people)
¥2,660 Bungalow day trip

¥3,190 Auto site
¥310 Tent area (per person)
¥200 Tent area (per chilld)
OpenGate is open from 7:00 - 19:00
April 20th - October 20th
NotesMountain campsite, washing area, toilets, parking, cabins, own transport needed, camping gear available to rent (see end of article)
Location /
Getting There
The campsite is just on the eastern side of Cape Erimo. It's a 10 minute drive from the cape. From Sapporo, take route 336 along the coast. It is a 4 hour drive.
102-5 Shoya, Erimo, Horoizumi District, Hokkaido 058-0421

This is one of the only campgrounds in the district of Erimo. It’s just past Cape Erimo and is a great spot to set up in the lush, well maintained camp sites. If traveling from Sapporo, it’s a good distance to reach by the afternoon after a nice coastal drive, and set up for the evening. There are a hundred camping spots to choose from plus there are a nineteen wood cabins that fit up to four people. Customers staying at the site will be issued free coupons for the Park Golf down the road, and for ‘Kaze no Yakata’ (wind museum) on Cape Erimo. 

The cabins here have bunks but there are no mattresses or bedding so be sure to bring something to sleep on. (Sleeping mats are available from the office). The cabins have power sockets which is handy. The campsite has all the facilities you could need. There are areas for washing and cleaning, plus washing machines for those on a long road trip and showers. The toilets are clean and well maintained and easily accessed. For those who need extra items for their stay, then these are available at the main office. The friendly staff here are more than happy to help you with any enquiries. The trees and small paths that wind through the campground make this area a nice place to relax and enjoy some camping. 

Rental tent
(1 tent for 4 people)
Sleeping bag (1 set)¥520
Sleeping mat (1 sheet)¥200
Shower room¥200
Washing machine¥200
Simple Furnace¥200
Charcoal (3 kg)¥600
Cooking utensil set
(1 set for 4 people)
Gas stove set (1 unit)¥840
Cassette cylinder¥310
Lantern (with battery)¥630
Electric stove (1 unit)¥630

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