Nishioka Park

Opening Hours9:00 - 17:00
NotesSightseeing spot, bird watching, walking trails, parking available, walking spot, jogging spot, picnic area, photography spot
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Getting There
From "Sumikawa Station" on the Namboku Subway Line, take the Chuo Bus Nishioka Loop Line [Sumi 73] or [Sumi 74]. Get off at "Nishioka Sugenike".
It is a 28 minute drive from central Sapporo.
487 Nishioka, Toyohira Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 062-0039

Nishioka Park is located in the southern suburbs of Sapporo. The main feature of this huge park is the equally huge pond at its center. The water feature was originally constructed as a water supply facility for the former army (25th Infantry Regiment) in the Meiji era. Construction started in June 1891 with the blocking of the Tsukisamu River. It wasn’t until 1977 that the land and reserve became Nishioka Park. This waterside park is famous for flora and fauna. A great spot for bird watchers and nature lovers. Take a stroll along the raised paths over the marshlands where you can observe abundant mammals, wild birds, dragonflies, and the fireflies (which come out late July).

The park has a few different areas to wander around in. At the top of the park, there is an observation deck and community center. In this area you can find pine trees and cherry blossoms during the spring. Following the paths, they all lead down to the water. The path crosses over running streams, and grass areas for those who want to sit and have a picnic. There is also a camping ground here! The iconic structure overlooking the pond is the small intake tower. Hexagon in shape, this wooden tower is a nice photo opportunity.