Cape Erimo

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NotesSightseeing spot, seal watching, walking trails, parking available, photography spot
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Getting There
From Sapporo the cape is about a 4 hour drive down the south coast. There is also a return express bus from Sapporo station. JR Hokkaido Bus (High Speed) to Erimo, (reservation required until the day before departure).
*JR Sapporo Station 16:30 departure-Erimo 20:30 arrival
*Erimo 5:30 departure-JR Sapporo Station 9:30 arrival
Erimomisaki, Erimo, Horoizumi District, Hokkaido 058-0342

Cape Erimo is located on the south eastern point of Hokkaido. It is a fantastic place to visit and is famous for the ocean winds.  Cape Erimo is one of the strongest wind regions in Japan. There are more than 260 days a year of winds blowing at speeds of 10 meters per second or more. With the waves crashing below and the scattered rocks trailing off to the horizon makes for a great sightseeing spot, and an equally good photography spot. For wildlife lovers, there is a seal colony which can be observed through a telescope and an abundance of sea birds circling the cliffs.

There is a walking trail down to the bottom of the cliffs. Here you can see Erimo Shrine which was built in 1814 to enshrine the god of food and safety. Also, down by the shrine you can observe the fisherman who collect seaweed from the beautiful, deep blue waters. It is possible to take a tour on one of the boats. Other points of interest include the Cape Erimo Lighthouse plus the observation deck and wind museum. Near the large parking area, you can find a souvenir store and a seafood restaurant. This is a fantastic place to wander the paths and enjoy the mist and sea air.