Shohoji Temple

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NotesBuddhist temple, parking, car needed
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Getting There
The shrine is located on the south east coast of Hokkaido in ShinHidaka precinct. It's a 26 minute drive from the center of the town of ShinHidaka. It's also a 20 minute drive from Shizunai Onsen.
213 Mitsuishihoncho, Shinhidaka, Hidaka District, Hokkaido 059-3108

Shohoji Temple is a quite a large Buddhist temple in a small town in the Shinhidaka area. It has a large main shrine with a few outer buildings creating a nice courtyard. It is in this courtyard there are numerous small gardens. These gardens and rock gardens are well cared for and have a distinct Japanese quality to them. There are some beautiful flowers that are in bloom throughout the warmer months. It is also in this courtyard you can find a small parking area. 

Among the small gardens you can find many of the statues that are common at Buddhist temples. These statues are draped in red cloth and many often are wearing red bibs. These bibs are meant as a protection for young children not only in this world but for the next. Shohoji Temple is not a bad place to stop and grab some photos. The area the temple in is small with a couple of small restaurants close by. 

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