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Sakae Mochi

Sakae Mochi is an old style Japanese confectionary store. This old style sweets store excels in dumplings and daifuku made with elegant sweet bean paste. Daifuku is a sweet consisting of small round mochi (rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling ...
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Kikkokawa Ichi Brewery

Kikkokawa Ichi Brewery was founded back in 1942 in Hakodate. They primarily make soy sauce. In Hakodate, there used to be more than ten soy sauce brewers but now Kikkokawa Ichi Brewery is the only one. Surviving the test of time, this small store is ...
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ジュピター 札幌
Whether you are a Japanese national, an expat missing those ingredients from home, or a tourist looking for a tasty treat, Jupiter has a great selection of food items that you won't be able to find in any other Japanese supermarket. Jupiter sells foreign ingredients ...
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Hakodate Nishi Hatoba Factory

Hakodate Nishi Hatoba (known as the 'west wharf' in english), is a seafood market, souvenir and large shopping warehouse. Here, you can walk through this shopping area which has an atmospheric beauty. Old wooden floorboards, warm lighting from rustic light shades, and Japanese written hangings, ...
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Mandai Sapporo Furino Thrift Store

万代 札幌藤野店
Mandai Sapporo is a huge second hand store. Their claim to this store is that you can 'buy anything' here, and they're certainly not far off. It can be found on the main road (Ishiyama Dori) between Sapporo and the onsen town of Jozankei. It ...
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Eagle Motorcycle

Touring around Hokkaido on two wheels is heaven. If you are looking for motorbikes, quad bikes, trikes, snow mobiles, or even snow blowers, Eagle Motorcycle is THE place! All these bikes, whether they be cruisers, sports bikes, tour bikes, trail bikes, or snow mobiles, are ...
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Sitatte Sapporo

Sitatte Sapporo is a business center in central Sapporo. This modern looking building has restaurants, coffee shops, and event spaces on its premises. Sitatte is best known for its 'Step Garden' which acts as a meeting spot. The name Sitatte combines the words 'sit' and ...
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The Ugg boot originated in Australia and has a long history, though it is unclear when the first commercial boots hit the shelves. The Ugg boot is reported to go as far back as the 1920's and was worn by sheep shearers. Also clouded in ...
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Pole Town

Pole Town is an underground walkway that runs from Odori park to the nightlife district in Susukino. The entrance can be found at the exit of Susukino subway station and the exit of Odori subway station. It is also part of a larger underground shopping ...
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Ikeuchi Zone

札幌 池内
Ikeuchi Zone is a small department store in the shopping district of Sapporo. It is has eight floors plus two basement floors. Ikeuchi's origins can be dated back to June 1893, during the Meiji era. The first store was 'Ikeuchi Hardware Store' and was established ...
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